Investigate and Impeach Bush 
for Failing to Act on 911 Warnings
- And then Lying About It
To: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Congress, and the Media 

Since 911, Americans have learned about numerous warnings that were received by the Bush Administration before 911.

These numerous warnings were ignored, with fatal consequences for nearly 3,000 people.

If these warnings had not been ignored, the Bush Administration could have protected America by taking decisive action in the days leading up to 911, and on 911 itself.

Moreover, the Bush Administration concealed these crucial facts from Congress and the American people, and then lied about them when they =were revealed, in a deliberate effort to cover up its failure to protect America.

We, the American people, call upon the Bush-Cheney administration to take responsibility for failing to protect America, and to resign. If George W. Bush and Dick Cheney refuse to resign, we demand their impeachment by Congresses.

The following list contains the most serious warnings that were ignored by the Bush administration. 

Individually, each of these failures justifies punishment of those directly responsible. 

Collectively, these failures justify the resignation - or impeachment - of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, who are ultimately responsible for the failure of their Administration to protect the American people.

The Bush administration ignored the issue of terrorism from the moment it assumed office:

The Bush administration changed Bill Clinton's policy towards Afghanistan to appease Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and their Saudi backers to promote the interests of oil companies, putting profits for campaign contributors ahead of fighting terrorism: When appeasement failed, the Bush administration then prepared for war against Afghanistan: The Bush administration ignored numerous warnings from US and foreign agencies: The= Bush administration failed to take meaningful precautions against a terrorist attack when so many warnings were being issued: On 911, Bush failed to take decisive action: Following 911, Bush used the tragedy to promote the agenda of his wealthy and powerful supporters:
    Bush pushed through the USA Patriot Act, which rewarded right-wing opponents of freedom and civil liberties.
    Bush demanded additional tax =cuts for the wealthy using the pretense of "stimulating" the economy.
    Bush massively increased defense spending, to the direct personal benefit of his father and his cronies in the Carlyle Group.
To cover up his failures, the Bush administration resorted to stonewalling, fingerprinting, and lies about 911:

They have continually lied about the extent of the warnings about the 911= attack

    Shortly after 911, Ari Fleischer declared flatly that there were "=no warnings"When it was revealed in May 2002 that the CIA briefed Bush personally on August 6, 2001, they claimed that the briefing did not address =terrorist attacks in the US; then they claimed it was a "low-level" briefing based on only one warning
Condoleezza Rice said, "I don't think anyone could have predicted that these people... would try to use an airplane =as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile." (5/16/02) They did everything possible to block an independent commission investigation
    Bush and Cheney   personally called Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle urging him not to conduct an investigation Bush and Cheney made numerous speeches and TV appearances When momentum for an independent commission became too strong from the media, the public, and Senators of both parties, they suddenly announced warnings of another attack - although they did not raise the official alert level above yellow, leading to widespread speculation of a deliberately false alarm to stop the momentum
George W. Bush himself has repeatedly JOKED about the 911 attack
    "Lucky me. I hit the trifecta," George =W. Bush, shortly after 9/11 - quoted by Bush Budget Director Mitch Daniels, 11/28/01
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