Setting Page Properties (Netscape Composer)
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Setting Page Location, Title, and Author

The information you specify in the Page properties dialog box helps readers locate your document on the Web.

To set page properties, open the Format menu and choose Page Colors and Properties (Page Properties in Mac OS). You'll see the Page Properties dialog box. Click the General tab.  The options are explained below.

Shows the location of the current document on your computer's disk. You cannot change this field.


Type the text you want to appear in the window title when someone views the page through a browser. This is how most web search tools locate web pages, so choose a title that conveys what your page is about.


Type the name of the person who created the document. This information is helpful to readers who find your document by using a web search tool.


Briefly describe the document's contents.

Other Attributes

The keywords you type here help searching services lead users to your document on the Web. Type the category name (obtained from a catalog server) you think best applies to your document.  Classification names are another method used by searching services to locate documents.

To preview your settings, click Apply; then click Close to accept the changes. To accept the changes without previewing, click OK.

Setting Page Colors and Backgrounds

The Colors and Background part of the Page Properties dialog box lets you set a background color or image for your page, and choose colors for links.

To set colors and backgrounds, open the Format menu and choose Page Colors and Properties. In the Page Properties dialog box, click the Colors and Background tab. The options are explained below.

Use viewer's browser colors

The viewer's color preferences (specified in the General preferences panel) will be used.

Use custom colors

Lets you specify color for text, links, and background. Click the button to display the color palette and select the color you want.

Color Schemes

Lets you select a scheme from the list.

Use image

Click to use an image as the page background. Type the name of an image file. If you're not sure of the filename or file location, click Choose File to find the image file on your hard disk or network.

Background images are tiled and override background color.

Leave image at the original location

Normally Composer makes a copy of the image and places it in the same directory (folder) as your page. If you don't want a copy made, click this option.

Save these settings for new pages

Click this option if you want your settings to apply to any new web pages you create.

To preview your settings, click Apply. To accept the changes, click OK.

Specifying Meta Tags

The Meta Tags Dialog Box displays optional information that your Internet service provider might want you to include in your document. This information doesn't actually appear in the document when edited or browsed--only in the source HTML.  Contact your provider for more information.

(from Netscape "Help")