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Whitewashing the Shrubbyist "Mein Kampf"

I see that  a news conference was scheduled for Thursday night (March 6, 2003).   If Drudge had it right Wednesday, GW Bush decided Wednesday night that we are going to war.  Or not.  It's reported that British troops have been told that 3/17 is the day their part in the invasion begins.  It's also reported that there will be no additional UN resolution.   The rocket and bomb assault will last 3 days before serious ground action by ground troops begins.

Before that, there will be an intense campaign to justify the war. That propaganda campaign began in earnest with  speeches declaring that the war was the solution to the problems of the Mid East.   No sale here.  I agree with Matthew Rothschild, editor of "The Progressive"

Until Bush stands up to Sharon, the United States could overthrow the governments of Iraq and Iran and Syria, for that matter, and still not solve the truly "growing threat," which is the ongoing crisis between Israel and Palestine.
The campaign continued on Ted Koppel's "Nightline" Wednesday night, with two segments whitewashing  the now famous "Project for the New American Century", which I call the Shrubbyist "Mein Kampf"Exposed by Jay Bookman in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution as early as September, 2002, it is also described in some detail at [McConnell], [Pilger  &], [Floyd&] and [Beeman].   For those who fear to click on links... here is the nutshell: Oh, how deeply I wish I were mistaken, or overly pessimistic in any of this.   But I fear I am not.  Watch, and weep for all those who are about to have their hopes and lives destroyed by the unelected government of the United States.

Additional information:

Mossback: Springtime for Hitler?
http://www.seattleweekly.com/features/printme.php3?eid=40046   Includes the lines:

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, author of Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity, observes that a culture steeped in Christian fundamentalism would find the central fascist story line very familiar. Of course, so would a culture steeped in New Age mythology, but last I looked, the Woo-Woo Coalition had less influence in Washington than the Christian Coalition and John Ashcroft was attorney general, not Shirley McLaine. Certainly, at the millennium, on the brink of an expanded war and the potential for chemical, nuclear, and bio-terror Armageddons, at a time when our international woes are centered in the Middle East, the ground zero for the coming Rapture (you can watch it live on a Web cam at www.olivetree.org), the air is thick with the hothouse atmosphere where fascism takes root, and the sound of goose steps carries.
http://www.smirkingchimp.com/article.php?sid=9112   Includes a forum discussion of the article by readers.    

“America: Our Land, Our Flag, Our Freedom!”  Notes on filming of a 4th of July, 2002 parade, with reference to this book and to "The Spiral of Silence: Public Opinion – Our Social Skin", Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, U. of Chicago Press, 1984
All of the Snowshoe Films productions are worth looking at: http://www.snowshoefilms.com/index.html

Paul Andrews posted this in December 6, 2001!

Andre Gregory to Wally Shawn in  My Dinner With Andre: "And you know, Wally, for two or three years now Chiquita and I have  actually had this very unpleasant feeling that we really should get out. We really feel like Jews in Germany in the late thirties. Of course, the problem is where to go. Because it seems quite obvious that the whole world is going in the same direction. In fact, it seems to me quite possible that the 1960s represented the last burst of the human being before he was extinguished."
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