Arundhati Roy

Bill Moyers interviews Arundhati Roy, who is widely known in literary circles for her first novel, THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS. Her newest book, Power Politics: The Reincarnation of Rumpelstiltskin is not the novel her public expected -it is a collection of short essays and a defiant poke in the eye to the Enrons of capitalism, to American foreign policy, and the corruption of Indian democracy. She talks about American power, global dilemmas, and why she got arrested in her native India.

Arundhati Roy

                                   The Algebra of Infinite Justice
                                    In this essay, Indian novelist, activist Arundhati Roy cross-examines the
                                    U.S.'s war on terrorism within the historical context of U.S. foreign
                                    interventions. Tracing American foreign policy back to the 1979 Soviet
                                    invasion of Afghanistan, Roy concludes Osama Bin Laden is a monster
                                    created by the U.S. military-intelligence complex to give the Soviet Union its
                                    own Vietnam-like quagmire.

                                   Arundhati Roy Official Web site
                                    Arundhati Roy's OFFICIAL WEB SITE features a biography of her life, a
                                    summary of THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS, and an exploration of Arundhati's
                                    writing style expressed in her own words.

                                   Arundhati Roy: The Progressive Interview
                                    David Barsamian from the PROGRESSIVE interviews Arundhati Roy on gender
                                    and social caste, the interdependence between the personal and the political,
                                    and her resistance to dam construction in Narmada Valley, India.

                                   The Greater Common Good
                                    In this essay, Arundhati Roy takes on dam construction in India. Originally
                                    loved by all classes, religions, and ideologies, dams are now seen as colonial
                                    relics that redistribute wealth upwards, displace people, and harm the
                                    environment according to Roy. To stop dam construction in the Narmada
                                    Valley, Roy advocates grass roots activism and civil disobedience.

                                   Under the Nuclear Shadow
                                    Arundhati Roy comments on the rising tensions between India and Pakistan
                                    over the disputed territory of Kashmir. By framing her commentary around
                                    flesh and blood people, Arundhati Roy shows the wanton destruction a
                                    nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would bring to each nation's

                                   Wind, Rivers, and Rain
                                    In this interview with, Arundhati Roy discusses India, the critics'
                                    need for literary comparison, the obscenity charges she faces in her home
                                    region and her book THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS.