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The Place of Smallpox Vaccination in Biowarfare Strategy

Smallpox, with a fatality rate reported as between 10% and 30% 1), 1a)   and which was significant in the European conquest of the Americas by decimating the native populations4), 4a), 4b), 4c) there, was officially 'extincted' 25 years ago.1b)

After the "extinction" of Smallpox:

Strategic consequences of the "extinction" of Smallpox:

Since the supposed extinction of Smallpox in the wild,  the medical infrastructure - skills, protocols, tools, mindset - which existed to deal with it throughout the world has been neglected and disbanded.   In addition, it is asserted that what ever immunity may have existed in populations, whether due to immunization or to exposure to the disease, has been lost.

Now, the governments of the United States, Great Britain, and Israel have determined, as a part of the "War of Terror",  that there is a clear and present danger of (another) Smallpox pandemic.

In this context the need to prepare to deal with the apprehended new smallpox pandemic is creating controversy, if not semi panic in the medical establishments of the developed nations of the "North".  Imagine, then, the situation in the developing nations of the world, the "South", which are too poor, and lack the capabilities, to do more than helplessly stare this need in the face.

The Arab Mid-East, especially, sees that the US,  Britain, and Israel are preparing for smallpox involved biowarfare, ostensibly due in the first instance to a (always likely non-existent, increasingly evidently so)  threat of the use of smallpox by terrorists, or by Iraq against Israel.   Every person in these Arab nations knows, without being told explicitly, that they remain vulnerable to the threat of smallpox in biowarfare, while the peoples of the US, Britain, and Israel are protected.

The 'hardening' of military targets against smallpox has been seen as evidence of hostile intent and a smallpox involved biowarfare capability, when North Korea and Iraq have engaged in this conduct.   Yet the most, in fact the ONLY successfully 'hardened' military establishments and civilian populations in the world are those of Israel, the US, Britain, and Canada, with most of the rest of the English speaking world making plans for similar 'hardening'.

The millenialists' current favored angel of death, Ariel, (Sharon) is planning for BioWarfare in the Middle East.  His government is vaccinating the entire Israeli population against Smallpox.   England, the US and Canada are the only other countries I know of that currently have the capability of doing so, though Australia may be planning for it.   England is planning vaccination.  The US has the vaccine in production, but is "watching" before vaccination begins.

There is no "balance of power" in this.  There is only terror.  Terror that those powerful nations holding the real capability of using smallpox as a biowarfare weapon, without fear of disaster to themselves, will choose to do so.   Have we the moral imagination required to understand the consequences to the minds and spirits of individuals and of entire peoples living under such mortal threat?

Can we ourselves be so foolish as to hope to escape these consequences?

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Notes and Links

From Armageddon! or "We are in the hands of Madmen!"; October 21, 2002:

In a short while, there may be only three populations in the world protected against a virulent disease, for which near universal vaccination existed only 35 or so years ago, and for which vaccination ceased when the US declared the disease was extinct.  This is the disease which, transmitted through infected blankets, clothing, etc.,  largely depopulated the Americas of their native populations.

Do you think that, faced with this threat, even if it is only illusory and a paranoid chimera, other countries with proportional threats, such as nuclear,  will not plan for their use?  No wonder the Shrubbyists want a missile defense.  In the world they are creating for us, it would be needed, if it would only work.


The strategy of preparing for biowarfare, preparing your population to survive a Smallpox epidemic, is subject to interpretation, most importantly to mis interpretation, and over interpretation.

Some of us will admit to only one interpretation.  Others will admit only to its opposite.   I see only that it is not a strategic "balance of power".  It creates a terrifying, and destabilizing strategic imbalance.  The people who it terrifies most are the ones who are apt to act first, and destructively.   (Create the conditions in which your opponent must make the first move, and be so blameless when you react.  A childhood game, 2 year olds are expert at it.)

Restraint in matters which create strategic imbalances of such significance is a matter of sense and statesmanship.   Rabin, however has been assassinated; the Israeli political system has no such sense or statesmanship at its helm.   Nor does the US.

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PS:  The following note is from email I received.   Some of the assertions in it are overstated, some outright questionable (as the reference to 'mad cow' disease and 'obsolete techniques' in the production of pre-existing smallpox vaccines) but on the whole it is a useful caution.

You might be surprised to be getting this from an MD candidate, but read on... smallpox vaccine is pretty hot topic in the medical community.  this from a newsletter I get.

Are You Ready?

Your state and local health officials, on orders from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are now making plans to give the people of our state smallpox vaccinations. This is the same CDC that sent Saddam Hussein deadly biowarfare agents -- including anthrax germs-- in the 1980s, according to congressional records and media reports.
In November 2002, Congress passed the infamous Homeland Security Act, authorizing the federal government to make vaccinations MANDATORY.

If "Intere$ted Partie$" can produce ONE CASE of smallpox anywhere in the U.S., the CDC will ship the smallpox vaccine to your area. Then public announcements will instruct citizens to report to mass vaccination clinics.

CDC officials admit that smallpox is NOT explosively contagious. Transmission generally requires seven days of close contact with a person who is obviously ill with fever and rash. Because of the slow transmission rate, smallpox would NOT make a successful bio-terrorist weapon. By contrast, a government sponsored mass vaccination program guarantees a nationwide smallpox epidemic because a live virus will be implanted in millions of people, who will then be infectious to others for up to 21 days after vaccination.
1. Federal officials and medical experts admit that no one knows for sure if the vaccinia smallpox vaccine really creates immunity to the variola smallpox virus.

2. Government experts admit that mass vaccination may cause thousands of deaths and millions of serious adverse reactions, which include: progressive vaccinia (victims die after the vaccine virus eats away flesh, bone and gut); brain damaging encephalitis, paralysis, smallpox sores all over the body, scarring and blindness (if the scab virus enters the eyes).

3. People with weak immune systems are at high risk for serious complications from smallpox vaccine. CDC's official list of persons at high risk includes:

  • Children under 18, especially infants, due to high risk of brain inflammation
  • Pregnant women (an infected fetus will be either stillborn or die at birth)
  • Millions of people with eczema or other acute skin conditions
  • Those who are immuno-suppressed from cancer, AIDS, herpes, chronic fatigue, MS, diabetes and organ transplants
  • Those allergic to vaccine chemicals and antibiotics
  • 4. Because the smallpox vaccine is so dangerous, leading medical organizations recommend against universal smallpox vaccination. These include: The American Medical Association, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians.
    5. Both old and new smallpox vaccines are experimental. The outdated Wyeth (Dryvax) and Aventis stocks dredged up by the CDC were made decades ago, using obsolete techniques and diseased cow (mad cow?) lymph. The new vaccines, to be made from human fetal tissue or monkey serum, will be recombinant at a time when many scientists believe that genetically engineered vaccines may be responsible for our nationwide epidemic of auto-immune and neurological conditions including autism, diabetes, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and MS-like illnesses.
    6. Commercial vaccines are often contaminated with cancer viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma which escape the filtering process. For example, the cancer-causing Simian Virus 40, which contaminated early polio vaccines forty years ago, is now being found (overstated? a)ed.)in bone and brain tumors, as well as Hodgkin's Disease. Although dozens of recent studies reveal equally serious contamination of modern vaccines, CDC admits that there is no funding available for determining which vaccines are infested. Especially worrisome are reports that the European consortium manufacturing the new smallpox vaccine knowingly sold AIDS-tainted blood products to hemophiliacs in the 1980s.
    7. A mass smallpox campaign could prove as disastrous as the government's recent anthrax vaccine disaster. Dr. Garth Nicolson, a world-renown cancer researcher and Nobel Prize nominee, told Congress in 2002 that contaminated anthrax vaccines administered to Armed Forces personnel are partially responsible for debilitating chronic illnesses now suffered by tens of thousands of them. Dr. Nicolson confirms that commercial vaccines are often contaminated with mycoplasma, causing symptoms associated with Gulf War Syndrome. When Dr. Nicolson examined the mycoplasma infecting sick Gulf War vets, he discovered that some strains had been genetically engineered with a portion of the HIV virus! Apparently this HIV-implanted mycoplasma was placed in Department of Defense vaccines for experimental purposes.
    8. Who will compensate those who develop chronic illness, or the families of those who die from the smallpox vaccine? Under provisions of the Homeland Security Act, technicians who administer the smallpox vaccine are protected from liability. Only one in four vaccine-damaged children is compensated by the federal government's vaccine compensation program. And Dr. Nicolson told Congress that sick Gulf War vets are still waiting for adequate medical and financial compensation for their illnesses.

    For additional documentation, go to: http://www.vaclib.org/basic/smallpoxindex.htm


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