James F. Pivonka
La Crosse, KS  67548
Phone:  (785) 222-3492
E-mail:  pivonka571@earthlink.net


Ten years providing basic support and tutoring to small business and individual computer users.  Thirty years in financial management, & program planning, including eight managing a financial operations center.

Job Objectives:

Finance Administrator, 16 years experience
End User Consultant - Computer Tutor, 10 years experience
Customer Service Associate, 3 years experience


Job title:      Consultant and Computer Tutor
Employer:    Jim Pivonka Consulting
Dates:          4/89 to present
Duties:         Assist new computer users in learning to use “Wintel” computers in personal and small business operations, including the Internet.  Upgrading older machines to meet client needs.  Assisting clients in selecting and purchasing computers, peripherals, and components.

Job title:      Strategic Planner
Employer:    Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC
Dates:          6/83 to 3/89
Duties:         Coordinate and facilitate the development of agency wide strategic plans for use of digital information systems, emphasizing the then newly emerging technologies of relational DBMS and client/server or “end user” oriented systems.

Job title:      Financial Manager
Employer:    Internal Revenue Service, San Francisco, CA
Dates:          4/74 to 6/83
Duties:         Oversee budget and financial accounting operations for 7 states, with about 14,000 employees and $350 million in expenditures.  Manage managers and supervisors of 60+ technical and professional employees responsible for this work.

Job title:      Planning Officer
Employer:    Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC
Dates:          7/71 to 4/74
Duties:         Assist in the coordination and development of agency wide long range program plans, and the presentation and justification of these plans to Executive department, Office of Management and Budget, and Congressional authorities

Other Work Experience:


Windows 9x operating systems, web browsers, e-mail clients, basic computer repair and upgrade


    Master of Public Administration (MPA) Kennedy School of Government, Harvard, 1983
    BA, Geology, University of Kansas, 1960


National Institute of Public Affairs Fellowship, Stanford University, 1971-72.
National Political Science Honors Society, American University, 1963

Additional Comments:

I am naturally focused on and skilled at client/customer oriented solutions to problems.
I grasp and handle relationships between detailed physical operations and strategic “big picture” organizational goals exceptionally well.
I have worked with individuals and small businesses who were new to using computers, and excel at providing support and training in computer operations.

Personal Goals:

I am looking for a good organization and challenging work environment.
Family commitments include my daughter and two granddaughters in the San Francisco area, and parents in their 80’s in Kansas.
Retired, I have full benefits, including health insurance.  Contract and part time work is desirable, though full time preferred.