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Christian Right Too Eager for Armageddon

These two articles, and those below,  are worth a careful read.

In Israel the destruction of the Oslo peace process and the rumored plans for "relocation" or expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank (if they are not 'reduced' by Smallpox) is driven by the fundamentalist right of Judaism, assassins of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The murders of Muslims in Gujarat, India, is driven by the fundamentalist right of Hinduism. If you missed the PBS special on that, and its coverage of the resurgence of the party, the fascist RSS,  which assassinated Ghandi, please try to see a rerun.  The BJP, currently ruling India, is a rightist Hindu fundamentalist party only slightly exceeded in extremism by the RSS, and supported by it.

Both of the above appeal for support for their reigns of terror by comparing their own actions to the "War Against Terror"   declared by Bush after the fundamentalist right of Islam achieved its own version of religious virtue, by destroying 3000 lives,  in their own idea of a Godly act.

(Bush's "War" is not against the terrorism that attacked us, however.  Fifteen of those were from the State which is the home of the fundamentalist Wahabi sect, Saudi Arabia.  Backed by Saudi oil money, Wahabism is responsible for the radicalization of Islam throughout Central and Southeast Asia, with the Taliban only the most apparent example.  Not one of those who attacked us on 9-11 was Iraqi.  Yet, in a massive, foolish, and dangerous policy non-sequitur, Bush turns his back on the root source of the terrorism, and asks for war on Iraq!!)

These movements are mirrors of the Fallwell and Robertson wet dreams for the future of the United States' culture and politics in their own hands.  This is the ambition of the Shrubbyists' political "base"; the source of their hatred of our secular society.

These are Death Worshipers.   It is time we faced that fact, and called them out on it.   If we do not, they will murder us all in the name  of their God.

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Mon, 21 Oct 2002 23:50:11 -0700

The following quote is from the very interesting organization "MID-EAST REALITIES - MER".   It is a useful source of information very difficult to obtain elsewhere.  But its very distinctive point of view has to be considered in evaluating its opinion pieces.


MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 21 October 2002:   For all of Shimon Peres' failings and duplicities, he does at moments speak out forcefully, but always for very self-serving and twisted reasons.  Peres hasn't recovered from the Knesset vote against his becoming the Israeli President; and now his 'Oslo Peace Process' has erupted in an orgy of killing, despair, and growing fear.  The growing Israeli right despises him completely; and the demoralized Israeli left mistrusts him completely.

The man who has taken greatest advantage of this situation is Ariel Sharon who continues to use Peres to galavant around the world, where his personal failings are less known and understood, to provide his never-ending litany of excuses and explanations which give Sharon more leeway to pursue Israel's actual neo-apartheid and get-ready-to-expel them policies...whatever it is Peres truly believes.   In recent days the Israeli Foreign Minister has harshly lashed out at the settlers, the very people his Prime Minister has championed, and presented his own vision of Armageddon... sooner rather than later it seems.


[Jerusalem Post - 21 Oct 2002]:   Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Sunday called the rabbis of Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip "sh-tty inciters," who not too long ago called for killing him.  Peres, speaking at the cabinet meeting, was upset at rabbis in the settlements who have called on religiously observant soldiers to refuse orders to evacuate settlement outposts. He claimed that prior to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the rabbis incited against Rabin and himself.   Prime Minister Ariel Sharon asked Peres in the meeting to take back his foul language, but the foreign minister declined.  National Infrastructures Minister Effi Eitam called on Peres to quit for making such a statement.


   [Ha'aretz - 17 Oct 2002]:  Within three years, the Middle East could turn into an arena of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, which because of the blindness of Israel's extreme right-wing could bring catastrophe upon Israel, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres told the Knesset yesterday.

   "You are bringing Israel to a point from which there is no escape," Peres said of the opposition of the far-right to diplomatic contacts with the Arabs.     Reacting angrily to MK Zvi Hendel's remark that had he lived, Yitzhak Rabin would have pressed for canceling the Oslo peace agreements, Peres said of the Israeli-Palestinian accords, "I don't regret them, I am proud of them, and Rabin would have stood here just like me!"    To Hendel's catcalls, Peres said of Rabin, whose 1995 assassination is being commemorated today, "I knew him better than you, and [unlike you] he had courage and had no demagoguery in him."

   Peres also attacked the rabbis of the Yesha council settler movement, who this week issued calls advising soldiers against "evacuating their brothers" on illegal settlement outposts.     "You have no alternative other than virtual illusions. The rabbis of Yesha are the politicians of Yesha, the terrible politicians of Yesha," who Peres said were unfaithful to Israel's moral heritage.

web log 2002-10-20

John Pilger is interviewed by David Barsamian of "The Progressive".    Pilger, the Australian-born, London-based journalist and filmmaker, has trouble getting his work past Orwellian US censorship officials.

""The censorship is such on television in the U.S. that films like mine don't stand a chance," he told (Barsamian), and he illustrated this point with the following anecdote. Some years ago, PBS expressed interest in one of his films on Cambodia, but it was concerned about the content.  In something out of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, the network appointed what it called a "journalistic adjudicator" to decide whether the film was worthy of airing. The adjudicator adjudicated. The film did not air. PBS also rejected another film on Cambodia that he did.  But WNET in New York picked it up--the only station in the country to do so. On the basis of that one showing, Pilger was awarded an Emmy."

"... there are fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, who appear to be in charge of the White House at the moment, but they are very different from the Christian gentlemen who ran the British Empire and believed they were doing good works around the world.  These days it's about naked power."

Good interview!

Houses of Worship Political etc.:  This time, at least, our Representatives in the Congress have done right by us.

An Ayatollah is an Ayatollah, whether in Iran or the US, whether Khomeini or Fallwell.

A fundamentalist theocracy is an unmitigated evil, whether in the actuality of the Taliban, or the fantasies of Saudi Wahabism and its oil funded "schools" throughout Asia (and in the US) or in the active political schemes and programs  of the PTL and 700 of Senator A. Willis Robertson's son, Pat.

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